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Stem Cells Prolotherapy

Stem Cells Prolotherapy

263x252The advantages of using Placental/Amniotic Stem Cells over other traditional therapies are the astounding physiologic benefits that Stem Cells supplement to the healing cascade. Abundant Stem Cells and crucial growth factors are present in Amniotic tissue and when they are injected into an area that requires wound healing and growth they are activated to proliferate and differentiate into the needed types of tissue. Stem Cells have the potential to become cartilage, tendon, ligament, bone, and muscle, as well as the ability to promote other healing factors, which are very vital to the repair. These many added benefits make Placental Stem Cells far superior to other elementary solutions, which have traditionally been utilized for Prolotherapy.

Placental Stem Cells are harvested from healthy live births, and carry none of the ethical dilemmas that accompany harvesting from embryonic tissues. These cells are very young, healthy, and vigorous undifferentiated cells that have the ability to turn into whatever tissue is in need of repair. They also don’t carry any risks of incompatibility or rejection and undergo the very highest of quality and safety screening.

The Amniotic Stem Cells are then mixed with a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) concentration, which is harvested from your own blood. The PRP is separated from your whole blood after a simple blood draw from one of the veins in your arm. This potent mixture is then injected directly into damaged ligaments, tendons, and joints and the healing process will ensue.

Notable Recipients of Stem Cell/PRP Prolotherapy

A growing number of elite professional and amateur athletes have been making headlines recently because they have undergone successful treatments with Stem Cell and PRP Prolotherapy. NFL star quaterback Peyton Manning underwent the procedure on his neck in the off-season and had an extremely successful season with his new team, the Denver Broncos, almost winning the NFL MVP award. Star Pittsburgh Steelers wide-receiver, Hines Ward, underwent PRP injections on his knee, which helped him return from an injury and secure the Super Bowl MVP. Tiger Woods had the treatment on his knee and had a successful recovery at the height of his career. Multiple professional baseball pitchers have had these treatments performed on their elbows with excellent results including L.A. Dodger’s pitcher Takashi Saito. The list of well-known sports athletes turning to these cutting edge treatments continues to grow across many different disciplines including such notables as Kobe Bryant, Rafael Nadal, Troy Polamalu, Derrick Rose, Alex Rodriguez, and Cliff Lee.

These unsolicited celebrity endorsements have brought to light to the general public the benefits of these procedures, and now more and more people can reap the rewards of having these very same treatments performed on themselves. Utah Stem Cells is finally making these highly coveted and regarded procedures available to everyone, and not just the high profile sports-elite. You don’t have to be a high-level sports professional to enjoy the greater pain relief and functionality that Stem Cell and PRP prolotherapy can provide. In many circumstances less successful and expensive treatments, such as painful surgeries with prolonged recover periods, can be staved off or altogether avoided.