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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Prolotherapy


The platelets are the specialized blood cells, which are primarily recruited in the blood stream to heal damaged tissues. When an injury occurs, platelets are the true “front-line soldiers” that carry with them many different types of growth factors, proteins, and enzymes, which promote the healing process. They are also the cells that are most responsible for helping to stop the bleeding when tears (sprains) in ligaments and tendons occur. We are able to extract a much higher concentration of these desirable cells from your own blood and when this process is completed, we refer to this rich solution of platelets as “Platelet Rich Plasma”. Then, this “supercharged” solution can be targeted directly into the damaged area. The PRP can be injected alone or in combination with Stem Cells.

Ideally, the first Prolotherapy treatment employed for the treatment of a damaged joint would include the combination of Stem Cells with PRP. Subsequent treatments may be necessary, and these follow-up Prolotherapy treatments are usually with PRP alone.

The use of PRP in the healing process first started being employed in the surgical community when surgeons recognized that they could achieve much better results in various types of surgeries with respect to both speed of recovery and successful outcomes. In particular, with bone grafts and tendon repairs PRP has been introduced at the time of surgery to promote optimal healing results. These benefits have been well documented in the scientific literature. More and more high-level professional and amateur athletes are turning to these treatments early on after an acute injury (and during their surgeries) to hasten their return to the competitive arena. They want to take advantage of all possible benefits that will help them resume their competitive form, and more and more team doctors and trainers are turning to these treatments on a regular basis now

Notable Recipients of PRP Prolotherapy

A growing number of elite professional and amateur athletes have been making headlines recently because they have undergone successful treatments with Stem Cell and PRP Prolotherapy. NFL star quaterback Peyton Manning underwent the procedure on his neck in the off-season and had an extremely successful season with his new team, the Denver Broncos, almost winning the NFL MVP award. Star Pittsburgh Steelers wide-receiver, Hines Ward, underwent PRP injections on his knee, which helped him return from an injury and secure the Super Bowl MVP. Tiger Woods had the treatment on his knee and had a successful recovery at the height of his career. Multiple professional baseball pitchers have had these treatments performed on their elbows with excellent results including L.A. Dodger’s pitcher Takashi Saito. The list of well-known sports athletes turning to these cutting edge treatments continues to grow across many different disciplines including such notables as Kobe Bryant, Rafael Nadal, Troy Polamalu, Derrick Rose, Alex Rodriguez, and Cliff Lee.

These unsolicited celebrity endorsements have brought to light to the general public the benefits of these procedures, and now more and more people can reap the rewards of having these very same treatments performed on themselves. Action Health Centers is finally making these highly coveted and regarded procedures available to everyone, and not just the high profile sports-elite. You don’t have to be a high-level sports professional to enjoy the greater pain relief and functionality that Stem Cell and PRP prolotherapy can provide. In many circumstances less successful and expensive treatments, such as painful surgeries wtih prolonged recover periods, can be staved off or altogether avoided