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As we age, we do not look as lively as before. Our face loses that spark and our reflexes lose that sharpness too.

Our skin doesn’t look as beautiful – and the collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, which act as cushions, start decreasing in concentration causing the skin to deflate resulting in the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles. Belotero Balance is designed to treat such etched lines and nasolabial folds.

What is Belotero Balance?

Belotero balance is a filler which treats smile line and other facial wrinkles. It is an FDA approved treatment which relies upon hyaluronic acid to restore the aesthetics of your face. The hyaluronic acid used in Belotero is specially formulated using a proprietary technique called Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CPM). This process turns hyaluronic acid into a smooth and flexible gel with variable densities of crosslinking in one cohesive structure enabling it to blend safely and naturally into the skin. This monophasic double crosslinked gel can blend in gently yet effectively to fill in moderate lines and wrinkles.

The Belotero Procedure

Anybody with smile lines can be a candidate for Belotero. A Belotero treatment is a simple and fast outpatient procedure that takes only 10-30 minutes. The patient is asked to sit down or sometimes recline to make himself comfortable. A fine gauge needle is used to inject Belotero Balance into targeted areas.

It is a flexible, smooth gel that has low viscosity that enables it to incorporate efficiently into the skin by binding with water. Unlike Botox it does not treat wrinkles by impacting the ability of the muscles to move.

The affected areas are sterilised before administering the injections, however no anaesthetic is required as there is hardly any discomfort. The injections are quick and there is no downtime. The results are almost immediate.

How Long does the Procedure last?

The results of a typical Belotero treatment can last up to 6 months or above depending upon the patient. Hence, the patient may need a revision atleast once a year. This is often used in conjunction with other fillers as well. In the long run, Belotero creates collagen, thus reducing the frequency of visits and the dosage requirement in the subsequent visits.

What are the anticipated results?

Belotero is comparatively thinner than other fillers and is one of the lightest formulas. Owing to its consistency it can be injected high up in the skin. This minimises the chance of appearance of any bumps, lumps or a bluish cast which is a possibility with thick fillers. It reduces fine lines around the lips, mouth and is also effective for minor marionette lines giving you an instant youthful effect. It gives tough competition to other fillers in terms of safety and efficacy by balancing elasticity, cohesivity and plasticity, the three essential properties of the skin. It can be customised according to the needs of the patient.